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Hail Dent Repair Quotation Misinformation versus Quality and Pricing

Hail Dent Repair Quotation Misinformation versus Quality and Pricing

Hail Dent Repair is working around the clock to manage all the hail quotes. Are aim is to provide a timely and quality service.

Please of not compare previous claims or repairs of hail to current. All hailstorms are different. So what variables are there?

PDR Quote Sheet
PDR Quote Sheet

– amount of hail
– depth of dents
– size of dent (average)
– position of dents, edge dents, dents overlapping cracked paint etc
– parts
– removal and replacement of components with care ( this is a critical component many customers overlook in vehicle repair)
– gauge thickness and quality of metal
– type of metal steel versus aluminium – aluminium bonnets and/or roofs require specialist PDR technicians or sorry to say it could be messed up

Customers can opt for a private hail work which in some cases this can be worked within the excess

Some suburbs or locations with respect to the storm have caused heavier damage than a few streets away or hail may have been wind blown

Be mindful of the private versus claims process. Our PDR technicians are providing a realistic price. Going through the insurance is an option and your choice.

You pay for service, timeliness and quality and yes all repairers should provide Lifetime Warranty contrary to the tactic used to scare customers.

We are here to help you!

Phone 0408020468 for a free quote or fill in the quick quote.

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