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Hail Dent Repair Cost

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The most asked question by customers is the cost of hail dent repair, trolley dents or door dints. The industry standard for pricing of that first standard dent varies from $80 to $130. Factors influencing pricing depend on:

  • size of the dent or dents
  • depth of the dent or dents – one deep slightly stretched dent may even be quoted
  • number of dents – the more dents to be fixed in that visit sees a rapid drop in per price of the dent
  • complexity of the dent or dents including creases or folds
  • expected quality and what people are wanting to pay just so they don’t see the annoying dent as compared to a person who is extremely fussy and keep their vehicle extremely immaculate
  • time to do the dent or dents
  • whether paint needs to be maintained (ie panel will be resprayed regardless so being careful not to crack the paint is no longer an issue)
  • removal and replacement and access to the dents (often luxury cars have different standard removal and replacement of part as compared to the standard Japanese and Australian made vehicles lending to varying times)
  • how far the PDR technician must travel to and from home to repair the vehicle or if you drop the car to them instead
  • urgency such as quick sales or return of damaged rental vehicles

Hail Dent Quotation Prices

Hail dent pricing also varies depending on various factors as follows:

  • average size and depth of the dents produced from hailstones
  • how long the hailstorm lasted and the amount of hailstones impacting the vehicle ie the number of dents
  • complexity of dents (recently hailstorms in Canberra 2020 produced so many hailstones over 20 minutes that hailstones were
  • the panel gauge of the hail damaged parts on the vehicle (yes the gauge strength and thickness composition can vary even on the same vehicle if parts are made in different countries and manufacturers around the world
  • are you going to sell the vehicle immediately
  • are you going to re-insure the vehicle comprehensive and the requirements of the insurance companies as to what they require as an acceptable repair
  • repairable write-offs and the policies insurance have in terms of requiring GST invoices from a licensed repairer and shop
  • parts that may be required – mostly chrome and rubber moulds on windows and roofs, lights, windows
  • insurance claims versus non-insurance

Sadly, a sudden turn in the industry is the adoption of a new (controversial technique) in terms of the complete removal of the roof skins have elevated insurance based pricing of quotes as well as some decisions as to whether vehicles are to be written off.

Buying a hail damaged car from auction, hail sales or private

All I can say is buyers beware!

Hailstorm hits and within days hail sales are advertised. People flock for the long awaited new or relatively new car they always wanted. Yes you can save but it is essential to do your research on the pricing of the repair and compare pricing of the exact same vehicle:

  • year model
  • specs including special editions or badges
  • condition of the vehicle both mechanically and paint condition
  • odometer readings – kilometres

So based on these factors, research gumtree, carsales and other car selling platforms for about 5 separate vehicles keeping these factors in mind for the going pricing.

The difference between the price of a very similar vehicle and the hail sale or auction vehicle is then the key. Don’t assume that you can get a heavily damaged vehicle repaired for $2000!

A general gauge on pricing for hail damaged vehicles in 2022. Please note that these prices are general and it is good to find someone who will be willing to quote the vehicle (preferably in person inspecting the vehicle). Also please be aware that trained PDR technicians can observe many more dents in person and under lights. Due to the Covid pandemic and requirements, many people bought vehicles without inspecting in person and in private cases got sold vehicles that were not clearly showing the damage or stuck with hail damage that could not be repaired

Pricing Insurance Non-Insurance
Light up to $3000 up to $2500
Medium $3000 to $6000 $2500 to $5000
Heavy $6000 to $9000 > $5000
Extreme >$9000 most people often can’t afford or unwilling to pay so PDR technicians often do not get involved

Definition of write-offs are best to consulting the insurance companies and registration agencies in the various states as conditions may and do change from time to time

In general, write-offs can be deemed statutory write-offs or repairable write-offs.

Please do your research once again on the following:

  • where the vehicle sustained the damage and in what state
  • were windows broken
  • were the vehicles in flash flood waters as well as sustaining
  • reported as hail damaged to insurance companies based on history
  • does the vehicle have plates and check whether it is registered
  • was the vehicle moved from interstate

Because of legal implications, the information here is provided without warranty and it is your obligation to research and make your own decision. We are not stating here that there are no bargains out there but merely educating the public that there are more factors to consider given there are quite a few scams out there.