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Perms and Conditions for the Hail Dent Repair App

Hail Dent Repair App and – Terms and Conditions for Technicians and Tradespeople

Effective Date: 20th September 2023

1. Definitions

  • Agent: Jimmy Deguara, the Head of Hail Dent Repair and Stormlink, responsible for organizing advertising and websites. Agent handles fee handling only.
  • Technician or PDR Technician: Specialists in dent repair and hail dent repair.
  • Tradesperson: Individuals with additional skills such as detailing, beyond PDR technicians.
  • Customer: Individuals or companies providing job requests.
  • Client: Repeat customers, including companies with regular jobs.
  • Public Liaison: Individuals providing contact information and operational locations.

2. Sign Up and Responsibility

  • Tradespeople sign up with acknowledgment of the Privacy Policy.
  • Tradespeople may have additional skills, and they are responsible for the associated liabilities and relevant insurances.

3. Workmanship and Liability

  • Tradespeople can provide additional skills but are liable for the liabilities and insurances of those skills.
  • Tradespeople acknowledge their responsibility for backing up the liabilities of suggested skills with relevant insurances.

4. Jobs and Status

  • Jobs can have various statuses, including Pending, Accepted, In Progress, Completed, and more.
  • All job communication is within the app; pricing must be written on the app.
  • Tradespeople have 20 minutes to accept a job; otherwise, it becomes available to nearby technicians.

5. Pricing and Payments

  • Pricing is the responsibility of the Tradesperson; negotiations may be assisted.
  • Standard Membership: $50 + GST per job; 15% fee for jobs above $500.
  • Loyalty Membership (Optional): $40 + GST per job; tradespeople acknowledge all jobs come through the app and waive claims.
  • Payments are processed upon completion, satisfaction of both customer and tradesperson, and no pending issues.

6. Loyalty Membership

  • Loyalty members commit to promoting work through the network and providing reviews.
  • Adherence to laws, regulations, privacy policies, and cultural integrity.
  • Professional behavior, courtesy, and respect in interactions and workmanship.

7. Partners and Skills

  • Partners with additional skills, like detailing, provide evidence of proficiency and relevant licenses.
  • Tradespeople’s workmanship is their responsibility; no claims on the Agent’s workmanship.

8. Termination and Refunds

  • Tradespeople can opt out with one month’s notice; no refunds for pending jobs.
  • Rejoining may incur a fee.
  • Workmanship, appointments, and liability remain tradespeople’s responsibility after termination.

9. Responsibility of Tradespeople

  • Tradespeople carry out jobs from acceptance to completion.
  • Hail Dent Repair App is an opportunity-based platform, tradespeople are not employees.
  • Tradespeople accept liability for appointments and workmanship.

10. Customer Responsibility

  • Customers acknowledge Hail Dent Repair App’s role as an agent for appointments and workmanship.
  • Deals and negotiations are conducted through the app.
  • Workmanship and liability are the tradesperson’s responsibility.

11. Referral Reward Program

  • Customers receive a $20 reward for successful job referrals and completions.

12. Complaints and Resolution

  • A complaint resolution process is available for disputes impacting workmanship and conflict.
  • Complaints to be submitted without threats or abuse; professionalism is expected.

13. Refund Policy

  • Refunds are generally not possible once the status is ‘Completed’ and payment made.
  • Tradespeople’s mobile nature and fuel costs add risk to transactions.

14. Agreement

  • Tradespeople acknowledge the terms upon joining and agree to abide by laws, regulations, and policies.
  • By signing, tradespeople confirm understanding and acceptance of terms.

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