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Hail Dent Repair About Us

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Hail Dent Repair was spawned by the concept of providing and maintaining extremely high standards of repair and dignity of the customer service and management required Australia wide. It stems from the passion through many years of experience in the PDR industry and encapsulates the fine art and skill associated with these revolutionary changes!

When we first started, the industry was in its infancy – tools were being introduced, different standards were being developed and mistakes were being ironed out seasonally. It seems in the current decade the many advancements in both technologies, managament and industry standards as a whole have become so stringent that Australia arguably may have some of the highest standards and expectations worldwide. Those who have not adpoted these standards have either dropped off or are in the process of doing so.

In paintless dent removal, there are two main sectors – the hail industry sector mostly referred to above and retail sector which incorporates door dints, car park dents and other relatively minor dent repairs. Some of the pdr technicians in the latter sector retail are often out of touch with the rapid changes in quality and expectations of the hail dent repair particularly if not exposed to hail repairs on a mass scale and its quality expectations.

Hail dent repair is adopting a team of committed and friendly pdr technicians with the honesty and integrity required to ensure this (retail) sector is not left high and dry. This is notwithsanding maintaining our exposure to the hail repair industry and associated repairs in one-on-one hail repair.

The advice we provide is simply advice to assist in decision making Jimmy Deguara and his team of technicians who runs this and other related business concepts including paintless dent removal training are in the limelight in ensuring the integrity of this industry and its expected qualities are maintained!