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Hail Dent Repair Locations

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To proceed imediately to hail claims, please proceed to our Vehicle Damage Hail Assessment Form page

Hail Dent Repair is rapidly expanding it’s network of dedicated high quality technicians and partners across the country. We have representatives in most cities and now some regional centres. Currently due to the demand both in demand for hail and dent repair services and the availability of pdr technicians the distribution seems to be skewed towards the eastern states but feel free to check back in future.

Our moto is to provide pdr technicians as quickly as possible and with a standard pricing structure to ensure fairness for both the consumer and the pdr technician. The technicians work on the premise that if the job is possible to provide satisfaction to the custmer and availability they take on the job.

Please understand that paintless dent removal is aimed at removing the dents using the several techniques associated with paintless dent removal. The type of dents can vary from minor and tiny annoying dents up to 5c coin size up to 50 cent coin size and larger to creases or large pushed in panels.

In some cases, please understand the cost or difficulty in doing the dents or cracked, fading or removed paint can mean that paintless dent removal is simply not possible. The exception of course upon request is when the panel, panels or vehicle will be resprayed. The pdr technicians are highly skilled and sufficiently experienced to know what is or is not possible.

We hope that there is a general respect, understanding and no offense if the occasional cases jobs are rejected. The aim of our pdr technicians is to provide a high quality service and maintain their reputation.

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