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Hail Dent Repair – You Should NOT have to wait MONTHS for Hail Repair!

Why you shouldn’t wait for hail repair and why you are being asked to wait months!

If you are in a rush please simply apply for your vehicle to be repaired by filling in the form

Traditionally, paintless dent removal takes usually about 5 to 7 days to repair for most vehicles particularly if there are no painting requirements! Any vehicles not severely damaged with paint 10 years or less or in good condition could be repaired in this period 5 to 7 days. This maintains the factory paint and original structure of the vehicle manufactured to specifications

Sadly, particularly since the Adelaide hailstorm of 2021, and now in the Eastern states eg Box Hill Hailstorm, many companies who have major “preferred contracts” with insurance are

  • are winning most vehicles
  • associated customers are being pulled into line and not given a choice. They feel helpless!
  • the new widespread massive scale practice of taking roofs off has continued to occur,
  • These companies have simply dominated the market NOT allowing other reputable companies to get even a minor share
  • customers are bullied (even in tears) by savage tactics to pressure the customers into getting their vehicles repaired with the preferred repairers and to believe they have NO CHOICE!
  • the cost of repairs is often $2000 to $3000 more for the repairer and insurance companies so surely this impacts premiums going up!
  • time taken to repair – it often takes more than 2 weeks  but commonly 3 to 4 weeks – in one case 52 days without their car!
  • the returned rectifications after the repairs from Adelaide were sadly unbelievable – badges missing, gear sticks not working, tinted window bubbled up, warped and incorrectly placed trays, paint not matched, confusion of vehicles with customers, customers contacted that they had to wait more time for their vehicle to be repaired because parts (=roofs) have not arrived the list goes on!
  • the PDR component hardly got any complaints in the 10 months – it was mostly the removal of parts that caused the issues!

The truth is those that DO speak out and argue their rights WIN! You SHOULD NOT have to wait months and months to get your precious car repaired! As you see in the excerpt below, some people have fought back NOT to allow roofs to be removed and NOT to have to wait goodness 6 months! Oh yes let’s revisit Adelaide, thousands of customers in Adelaide have been forced to wait up to 18 months to get their replacement roofs! Yes they say parts – previously it used to be bonnets and / or boots. Now roofs are part of the ordering sheets.

There is NOT a chance I will allow my roof manufactured by robots  to be taken off and replaced with a new roof by an insurance company if it can be repaired using paintless dent removal. It’s quite rare when vehicles require roofs to be replaced because of stretched metals.

Don’t fall into the trap below – do your research, protect your own vehicle and don’t wait and allow your roof to be taken off!


Hail Dent Repair

Yesterday we got a call from a lady clearly distressed because
a) her car stood in a holding yard with a preferred repairer for a month and she may have to wait for 6 months for repairs
b) they told her they were waiting on a part – the roof – yes that’s right – the roof! It’s now a common thing to replace the roof on vehicles for hailstorm on a mass scale! Up to a few years ago this was very rare!!!
We have taken on the job, will have it assessed, and if authorised for repair the repair may only take a week or two!! Not six month!!
The standard repair time for a hail damaged car like that in Box Hill is 5 days! We don’t take off roofs and only in rare cases is this a requirement with very weak panels and extreme hail or long lasting hail.
I am so surprised people accept the word of repairers taking off roofs! Always get a second opinion! It’s your car and your decision. Insurers can pay you out – repairers can cover lifetime warranty.Hail Repair
Comment from a panel beater from Victoria recently – he should know what he is talking about!!!
I am a panel beater and there is not a chance I will let my roof to come off when it can be repaired using paintless dent removal

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