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Paintless Dent Removal Training

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PDR Training Australia has been training PDR technicians for the past 13 years around Australia. Our courses have been refined with greater flexibility and program structure. We are first on google for a reason!

Our research from years of experience that course structure and programs tailored to the individual needs of our clients is the reason for our success in this industry.

PDR Training Australia runs a variety of PDR Courses from short One-on-Two 1 Day Courses to 3 Day PDR Certified Courses as well as Advanced 28 Day Courses for those who want to upgrade their skills immediately.

The list of the main PDR Training Courses

Contact Jimmy on 0408020468 for information about our courses.

One in Three Cars have dents?


Extreme dents on car
Extreme dents on car

In Australia, the car is the second most important possession after the the dream home of course. So it is disturbing to note that one in three cars have some sort of dent on them. Hail dents are the most recognisable dents and most people think becoming a PDR Technician means fixing hail dents. PDR technicians should really begin on smaller dents including car park dents or shopping trolley dents since the number of dents are very low. PDR Technicians that get into the hail repair usually require several years of experience usually about 5 years of dent repair experience. They are required to consistently produce top quality dents and be able to repair a typical hail dented vehicle in a day.

With cars getting weaker as years go by, more work should evolve for PDR technicians. Train today