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PDR One-on-One 3 Day Course

Outline of PDR Training Course

Certified PDR Training Course
Certified PDR Training Course

The 3 Day PDR course covers a rich curriculum in using tools both Pushing Dents and Glue Pulling module skills, Remove and rReplace, Using a Light, Access Points, Dent Count, Dent Density, Types of Quotations, Recognising Damage amongst the few. The 3 Day Course covers essentially the 5 Day course modules compressed into 3 days. The intent was to lower prices for those on a tighter budget.

Who should apply?

Panel Beaters and Spray Painters can get away doing this course because of their experience working with metals. Beaters and Spray painters also understand car models and associated parts and don’t require to learn the Remove and Replace module.

Those saving on budget should advantage of our progressive system of pricing structure!


$3500 + GST

Paying Deposit reserves your priority for dates


Available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adealide and Perth and host of other locations – contact us for more information 0408020468.

The list of the main PDR Training Courses

Contact Jimmy on 0408020468 for information about our courses.

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Deposit for One-on-One 3 Day Course Booking

  • Deposit (extra guest trainees)

    Deposit for One-on-One 3 Day Course Booking You get priority for dates Pay $350 Deposit Now per person Pay balance later Total Price $3500 +GST

    $ 350.00


How to book the courses?

1. Choose the first day of your course – it will populate the rest automatically.

2. Choose 8am as daily start time.

3. In Extra Services – choose number of guests ie total number of trainees doing the course?

4. Pay a deposit – paying a deposit gives priority of choice for dates.

5. Book Now – you can book now – you have 12 to 24 hours to pay for the deposit and keep the booking.

Note: These are your preferred dates and not confirmed until accepted by a PDR trainer.

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