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Allow Us to Pay Your Excess

We are ready to proceed with quotations but require claim number and some information. Please click the following link

Anyone worried about choice of repairers contact us – Call us – 0408020468

More information is available. We will then contact you as soon as we can for an assessment and quickly appoint you for repairs.

up to 100%

Allow us to pay your part or all of your excess. Here's how it works...


Car insurance damage $7000

We Pay your Excess $800  You the Customer Satisfied

We are quite content with $6200  

Conditions apply*

  • Up to 100% of the repair value
  • Valid for insurance repair value above $4000
  • Up to $900 excess
  • Each voucher applies to each successfully repairer insured vehicle.
  • Don't pay us the excess.
  • If your insurance ask you to pay the excess we re-imburse the valid invoice you provide up to $900.
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Expired on: 31-10-2022