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Hail Dent Repair

Hail Dent Repair Australia repairs anything from private work dents to door dints, car park dents or trolley dents. Dents can also occur when someone closes a bonnet or boot heavy handily and puts a dent on the panel. They can also occur on fuel caps. since 2020, it seems the metal gauge or thickness/strength of the panels have become thinner and therefore weaker. So dents such as these are not surprising.

Door Dents and Trolley Dents

It’s not uncommon to see car park or shopping trolley dints on vehicles. This is especially the case in the past few years as metal becomes thinner in gauge. It may be one or more dents on doors, quarter panels or roofs, boot lids, bonnets or roofs.

Auction Hail Jobs

There are generally two types of people who buy from actions are car yards:

– those who wish to get their dream cars less expensive from auctions or hail sales and get them fixed in some cases

– those who buy and sell auction or hail damaged vehicles

Non-Insurance Hail Jobs

Sometimes, people without insurance wish to repair or tidy up the panels on their vehicles. Also in cases where hail damage is light, some prefer not to make insurance claims and it may possible to repair the vehicle under the insurance excess!

Insurance Hail Jobs

Insurance hail work is more specific to customers that wish to claim on their insurance companies. Of course it means that you have an excess which varies from person to person and whatever cover is being claimed from whichever insurance companies.

Insurance cover can be third party which is for an other person or vehicle, or comprehensive which covers one’s own vehicle as well.

It is comprehensive insurance that is required to make insurance claims for hail damage.



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